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Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co.

Written by: ASPS Staff


Brandon Proff


Tell us a little bit about how it all started.

OMF started in 2012 as a lot of small businesses do… Some friends and roommates were hanging out, drinking some beers, talking about how fun it would be to start a business! Definitely not at all considering what any of the challenges or realities of that would entail. In our case we had connected over our enjoyment of home brewing and it turned out that our building (which was a short walk from the house we all lived in) was newly available to rent. We cobbled together a business plan, met with the owners, and were chosen to be the tenants which sent us into warp speed figuring out how to ACTUALLY open a brewery. 8 years later we have had a crazy journey that definitely included a fair amount of challenges… However the positives of building community and earning a World Beer Cup Gold, 3 Great American Beer Fest Silvers, and most recently a Bronze... I am very proud of what we have built.

What are you excited about for the future?

I am cautiously optimistic about the future despite the global pandemic seriously turning everything upside down. It has really pushed us to focus on a reality we were already aware of before COVID, which is that our industry (independent craft beer) is not a fresh new shiny thing to be excited about. At the end of the day, even though on paper we are a product manufacturer it is 100% about people. We make something that is enjoyed by people across the world. Beer is consumed while celebrating things. Beer is consumed when times are tough. We have an opportunity to transform our service model to really elevate the experience of being at OMF or enjoying our beer elsewhere through our packaging design, merchandise, etc. It is even more relevant and necessary because of COVID. That challenge is really exciting to me.

what is one of your favorite t-shirts we’ve done? Which one has sold like hot cakes?

Favorite project is a very tough one. I really love our Pride shirt we have been selling since May of 2019. It’s a really unique approach to what tends to be pretty simple rainbow imagery, and it has also generated thousands of dollars that have been donated to organizations we support like Rainbow Alley in Denver and Inside Out in Colorado Springs. I also love how well the 2019 Gratitude t-shirt turned out. Also very colorful.

Why do you think Screen Printing works so well with your brand?

Screen printing is so versatile. T-shirts, hoodies, totes, koozies, posters, etc. Our customers love to support us in more ways than just drinking our beers, and having great looking merch has been an important part of who we are.

We want to give a special thank you to Brandon Proff for taking the time to answer our questions. We’d also like to thank the staff at Our Mutual Friend for always providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to enjoy a delicious beverage! Cheers!


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