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Amethyst Coffee Company

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Owner/Artist Amethyst Coffee Co.

We’ve done a lot of cool projects together. Tell us a little bit about your favorite project, and how that came about.

I guess what comes to mind is the bandanas we did of Lady Justice. We made them right when shop #2 (Lakeside) opened. That was my first introduction to Amethyst - creating the original watercolor painting that lives on that wall. I remember when Elle approached me to create an art installation for her (I was still working for Crema at the time) I was SO thrilled and also terrified. She was one of my first art/design clients to fully give me 100% creative freedom. She trusted me and that was a big moment for my personal design career. She knew my character well enough to know that I could bring something to that space that made sense, was inviting and warm. When I made the painting of Lady Justice, I made it thinking about who she represented in this industry of hospitality. (insert the instagram about it) The whole project ended up being a catalyst to becoming her business partner.

In the past 2 years, we put blood and tears into creating a company of 17 folxs, 4 locations and a roastery.The beast known as Covid hit us hard and we are down to 6 folxs (including elle and I), 3 locations and calling roasting quits. Sometimes truth hurts (especially when you are guiding a company through a pandemic and civil unrest), but Lady Justice favors truth. I will always hold what Lady Justice means to me deep in my heart - the concept of truth vs good. It's about following what you know to be true in your whole entire being, no matter the outcome. Because listening to what you know to be the truth will always be worth any struggle that comes with it.

This is the text I wrote when I finished lady justice:

She sits rooted in her truth and acts in alignment with her higher self. She holds a level of compassion and understanding. She is balanced and speaks with love and fairness. She follows the strength of her intuition. She is the reflection of @elle_jensen.

I am forever humbled and grateful for the opportunity to create this piece of art for @amethystcoffeeco. Elle gave me a platform to create freely and wholeheartedly. I was able to explore layers, textures and colors with her full trust. I was able to commission one of my dearest friends @pennywoodco to create a stunning frame around Lady Justice. His loving energy kept me grounded throughout this process. Working on this project was nothing short of magical.

We want to give a special thank you to Breezy Sanchez for taking a moment to give us some wonderful insight on how she uses art and screenprinting to elevate the Amethyst brand! We’re looking forward to the day we’re able to work remote from your gorgeous space, enjoying a perfect cup of coffee! photos by Brittni Bell Photo

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