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Lead Designer

You've been designing for years now, what made you finally get into clothing?

My intentions have always led to me making clothes. I wanted to get into fashion design but the laptop looked less dangerous than a sewing machine, so I started finding my footing in the design trends at the time, and just emulating the designs that I liked to wear. At this point, I am just trying to release whatever I feel like should be a part of the brand's story, regardless if people are digging it or not. Gotta start somewhere. I also just feel a huge sense of accomplishment whenever something I designed gets made into a physical product. I'm not sure I'll ever get sick of that feeling. I like wearing my own shit!

What are you excited about for the future?

Evolving the brand! 2020 I kinda needed as an excuse for slacking honestly cause I was in just such a funk after the first couple of product drops. Trying to figure out what the direction was. But now I feel more comfortable about that so I'm just excited for new pieces to come out and help reinforce the brand identity, it's definitely coming together. I can't wait to one day be dripping head to toe in a fit I completedly designed. To clip out the Gildan tag and replace it with a custom printed tag. I want to be able to play with the big dogs of the industry and have enough capital to create whatever I feel the brand needs.

We've done quite a few projects together, what is one of your favorite t-shirts we've done? Which one has sold like hot cakes?

My personal favorite is the shirt we did for the Wear Your Support fundraiser over the summer. Y'all helped me raise money for the Project PAVE and The Blue Bench and I just really liked the design on that one. I think my "I'm Over It, Cut Me Off" tee has probably sold the best. I guess that one just connected with people. Shrug emoji.

How does your music and visuals tie into the brand?

I just like making stuff! And having control of my own brand is just a nice channel to broadcast that all on. I just think little animations and gifs are enjoyable to watch and use and I wanted to make my own! Extend to the online presence beyond SELLING PEOPLE. Just free spirit and creativity to enjoy. I feel like the music just helps enhance the pitylaugh's overall mood. Helps people understand the many facets I'm caught up in. Plus it's just fun!

We'd like to thank Jack for choosing to work with us and further help with the development of the brand! Follow pitylaugh on instagram @pitylaugh_ or visit to see more.


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