WELL, WELL, WELL. Look who's back for more ASPS highlights. This month we've been getting back into the swing of things, burning screens and slinging shirts. Gently. We don't want the shirts to be scared when we print them. A calm shirt is a happy shirt. That's one of the many trade secrets we use that sets us apart from other printshops.  Organic, grass fed, free range tees. What a time to be alive.

Speaking of the slow life, we are slowly but surely coming out of our slow season. Having a slow season isn't always a bad thing.  It allows us the space and time to deep clean the shop, take a deep breath, and recalibrate our standards to where we like them to be. We like taking our time with an order, and this time of the year allows us to do just that so when we hit our rhythm in the busier months to come we are 100% ready and rearing to go, without losing our quality touch.

In other news, we now offer clamp tags and woven tags (think Carhartt). These can go on anything from beanies, to the hems of tees, to aprons. We think it's a great alternative if you want a custom touch but don't want the texture of embroidery. We've also started working on some fun surprises and we can't wait to tell you more in the coming months. So keep your eyes peeled for more info on that. 

We hope y'all have a great St. Patrick's Day celebration with the perfect amount of rowdiness and tomfoolery.  Be safe and don't be afraid to split an Uber with your group.  Until next month.

xoxo The ASPS team


You walk into the freshly wiped-down kitchen and spy two misshapen loaves of soda bread cooling on a metal rack. You walk over and take a deep breath in, allowing the warm scent of toasty caraway seeds and sweet raisins to fill your nose. You cut a small piece off the edge. The crusty, slightly brown outside gives way to a firm yet soft inside; steam billowing, only to be smothered by a pat of soft butter. You take a bite and look around, taking in the swath of deep green shamrock decorations and the dark bottles of Guinness with their cream-colored labels patiently waiting in the ice bucket to be drunk.
The Irish (Printer's) Prayer
May the pallet rise up to meet you.
May the dryer be always at your back.
May the flash shine warm upon your prints;
the ink fall soft upon your squeegees
and until we print again,
may the press hold your screens in registration.
Everyone who knows Stephen has heard him dropping print knowledge left and right usually with sweeping hand motions and excitiement.  Here is a little segment allowing you access to the wisdom that Stephen provides on the daily.  Enjoy "Print Wisdom with Stephen".
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