Happy New Year! It's 2022!! 

This year we are introducing some new things here and there, so follow along to stay in the loop! The first big announcement is that we are launching our monthly newsletter. Every month of 2022, a fresh, hot-off-the-press newsletter will hit your inbox, letting you know what's happening here at the shop, inviting you to events (maybe a party or two hint hint), as well as giving you early access to that screenprinting content we know you crave.

One of those things you can access by clicking the button below.  One boop of the button will bring you to our "New Year's Resolution Survey". This is the survey we release once a year, asking for feedback so we can set our New Year's resolutions for the upcoming year.  We constantly strive to be better and to provide an amazing experience for you, and in order to grow we need your feedback! Thank you for being such wonderful supportive humans.  We are so excited to see what this upcoming year holds, and we can't wait to take you along on this journey with us. xoxo the ASPS team

January Color Swatch Inspiration

Sometimes we just need to look at colors that make sense together and sigh in appreciation.  Hannah is our Master ink swatcher, and knows colors better then most.  So gather around and bask in the colors of January.  We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us. PICTURE THIS: You walk out the front door, down the steps and stop; moonlight reflecting off of the gold "Happy New Year" foiled headband your friend made you wear. You look up into that twinkling midnight blue sky and smile knowing that the best is yet to come.

Introducing Squeegee Sounds!

This year, we're giving you a peek into what our team is jamming to each month of the year. This month's playlist is: