I GUESS-- that spring has finally sprung.  The cold brews, the birds loudly chirping at 5 AM, and the aspirational herb gardens are being planted as we speak. Thank god we have plant shops and dank legalized ganja to help us ease into the realities of the bright sun and its cheery, optimistic inhabitants.

Of course you don't have to partake in the devil's lettuce to celebrate 420.  The true spirit of 420 is doing what you can to relax and take an inventory of how the world around you is affecting your body and mind. 420 is doing your own thing, setting boundaries, taking care of yourself and acknowledging the fact that other people's energy can't impact you unless you let it. 

Though I've gotta say, sliding into the most fluffy, comfy sweatpants and hoodie you own right after taking a CBD bath while surrounded by every plant you have in the house is a pleasure in its own right.  That's what it's all about. We want to make you feel cozy to the point you can let your defensive wall come down. We want every garment you own to feel just like that one hoodie you stole from the stoner with the GOOD hair you dated in college (you know the one). I swear, those who smoke mad flower have the softest clothing. It's crazy how the right atmosphere, the right mindset, the right fabric against your skin can create the most magical, everyday self-care routine for yourself.

So take care of yourselves this month friends. Roll a fat J, get a CBD shot in a fancy coffee drink, or even set aside some time to create a nice flower arrangement for yourself to enjoy.  You do you and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Until next month.

xoxo the ASPS team 


I start to pick through the greenery, plucking the spent, shriveled leaves from each plant in my apartment.  I bend down whispering sweet nothings into the leaves of the philodendron, hoping that my secrets will allow it to grow in ways I have not.  I gently breathe my doubts and wishful thinking onto each pistil of my peace lily wishing for a reply or at the very least an affirmation.  I straighten, temporarily pausing my monologue to open the window.  The welcome breeze lightly sweeps through the room, surrounding the plants and whisking away my ever-present dark cloud of depression and self-doubt.  Though I know my cloud will soon return, I'm grateful for the rare peaceful moment where I'm free to take a deep breath in and smell the flowers surrounding me. 
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