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AHHHH PRIDE. The time of year when the opinions of cis white men slowly fade into the background.  Sorry Bro-hemian, the gays are just cooler than you.  It happens. Take a deep breath, and step away from the microphone. This isn't about you or your podcast. It is however about giving the LGBTQIA+ community (aka the alphabet mafia) the support and visibility they've been denied for way too long. So this month we invite you to support and engage with the beautiful rainbow community around you, whether that be uplifting their voices on social media, donating a few bucks to someone's gofund me for top surgery, or even donating your time to help out at a local LGBTQIA+ organization. Consider this your final reminder to get your orders in time for Pride weekend (June 25th + 26th). Our official cutoff on getting your rainbow-themed orders is at 5PM MTN on 6/10. Well, that's not true.  We always accept pride rainbow-themed orders, but in this case, they'll just get to you AFTER pride. Though if you say please we may be able to fit in a Priority Printing order for you. This month we are starting to get into the thick of it. Our turnaround times are starting to lengthen so it'd behoove you to get those orders in sooner rather than later.  We don't want you missing out on having merch for your event! Speaking of which, we are now offering to print LIVE at your events!  That's right, now you can have a screenprinting team at your very fingertips. Want to stand out and get a leg up on the competition?   Well, we very may well be able to help you do that with our live printing setup. We can even stick out our tongues and jeer at your nemesis with a taunting phrase of your choice if you provide a picture.  Whatever we can do to help you stand apart from the rest of the crowd and feel like the talented, interesting business human your mom knows you are.  Until next month. xoxo ASPS team

This month we got together with Eric Larkin from Cohesion Brewing to talk about how they got started and what makes their beer so unique. Read all about it on our Content Page!
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PICTURE THIS: You push the cassette tape adaptor into the tapedeck and plug in your new lime green iPod nano; queuing up the latest songs you pulled from Myspace.  Your drop the nano into the cupholder with a thunk and turn up the volume. Windows down, no ac, sunglasses on, with hawaii blue glitter nails tapping out the rhythm on the steering wheel.  The sun roof is open and the sunshine dripping on your skin makes you feel like summer itself.  As you turn onto the highway and pick up speed you feel breathless as the wind draws the excitement from your chest.  The music gets turned up even louder and before you know it, you feel like you're flying.
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