OKAY, MAY I go to the printshop?  Why yes.  Yes you may.  You just need to wait for me to write you a quick note to let the production manager know I said you could be there.  But hurry back, I don't want you missing too much class time. I spent a lot of time on this lesson plan.

We've been good print students this month.  We've been taking print notes, engaging in discourse on the print forums, and researching cool new things to present to you: our wonderful clients.  Like socks. That's right. Custom. socks. To the untrained eye, they look just like plain socks, but to the practiced eye, they are still plain socks but with **potential**.  With the right sock, you too can look suave as hell as you finally land that kickflip you've been working on for the last month while letting you show off the rippling muscles on those gams.

Pride Week is coming up next month. We ADORE printing for Pride.  Seeing all the rainbows and pride flags on press makes printing an absolute joy.  And we all need more joy these days. The last day to place your order for pride weekend is June 10th. 

All in all, we hope you are enjoying the weather and are getting back out there doing what seemingly everyone in Colorado loves to do: go out to the mountains, all high and mighty-like, shoving hiking photos in your face on Insta, and making the targeted ads turn on you as a result.  You know who you are. Until next month.

xoxo the ASPS team

TREND ALERT-- We've been seeing more and more humans getting creative with their aglet. Get your mind out of the gutter.  I'm talking about the little dangly things off your hoodie.  People have been tying special knots on each drawstring to add a stylistic flair to their hoodies.  We've seen flowers, intricate braids, stars, and what even look like Celtic knots! So take those drawstrings out of your mouth and try to tie them up all pretty instead. You know you want to.
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