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Cohesion Brewing

Written by: Victoria Tucci


Eric Larkin


Tell us a little bit about how it all started.

With a newfound love for Czech-style lagers after a trip to the Czech Republic in 2018, the idea for Cohesion Brewing came together in 2019 after having observed the beer scene as a brewer for about 8 years. Seeing the ways that the Czech Republic weaved beer into their culture was an experience that we wanted to share with others. Not being able to find the details that we loved about Czech beer locally, we decided it was something that we should try to bring to Denver.

Why Czech-style Beer?

Czech-style lagers are the ultimate session beer, with session beer being a beer that can fuel a gathering with friends by not being too high in alcohol and being a beer that can be talked over, not necessarily talked about. The pubs and taverns of the Czech Republic are still the strongholds of third spaces there, with beer that is constantly flowing to keep the conversations lively. Specifically, I loved the full-bodied flavor, with a strong hop presence in a lower alcohol beer that is truly a process-driven product. There are many great beers that highlight specific ingredients in their flavor profiles, but Czech lagers have a simple ingredient list and rely on a specific set of brewing processes to deliver an excellent beer.

What drew you to the name "Cohesion"?

Cohesion to us has a two-fold meaning as it relates to our brewery. First, Cohesion was about bringing together all of the small factors that go into making a well-crafted beer in a way that works as a unified whole. There are so many small process steps, ingredients, and decisions a brewer can make while brewing a beer, and we wanted to pay homage to that process. Secondly, Cohesion was about creating a space where we can bring people together over beer. Using beer and our taproom as a uniting force to bring together diverse opinions and viewpoints was really one of the main reasons we started Cohesion. There are more than a few instances that we've seen where inviting someone to have a conversation over a beer can lead to a better outcome.

Why do you think Screen Printing works so well with your brand?

Word of mouth is a huge driver for our business, so when we build an experience that customers want to continue to connect with, offering merchandise that is appealing and comfortable is one of the best ways to continue to spread the word about us. Screen printed t shirts are definitely one of the most popular items we sell and that our customers love wearing!

We'd like to thank Eric and the rest of the Cohesion crew for helping to make the Denver beer scene what it is! Check out their website and go follow them @cohesionbeer. Make sure to keep an eye out for more information about their first anniversary party on August 5th!

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